This is the epitome of honest business!
I set up an appointment, and needed to have washer/dryer hook ups installed. I originally wanted the plumbing to be attached to the kitchen, but when he came, he told me the bathroom was closer, and it would save me time/money. Who does that? It came up a few hundred cheaper than I previously thought. Now that is honest business!
They were clean, finished earlier than scheduled, and he even fixed my refrigerator hook ups, for FREE!
I'd recommend this business to anyone requiring plumbing work!!!!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: Charles K.
Once again, Hamlet, thank you for doing a great job. Most plumbers would have showed up at their convenience but not you. Thank you for being flexible around my schedule and working when most people are tuning in to the tube. Great job in replacing my faucet. We love the new look and the functionality of it.
My wife likes him because he's always pleasant to be around and cleans up after his work.
Thank you Hamlet. It's great to work with a real professional!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: Jim C.
Hamlet was awesome!! I called and he came within 30 mins!
He fixed slow draining bathroom sink and bathtub in less than 30 mins and the price was AFFORDABLE, I must add!
Thank you for the great service! Will call again for other plumbing issues!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: Susan W.
La Affordable plumbing and Hamlet are great at what they do! I had an emergency plumbing problem and he came out and fixed it really fast. He was very responsive and didn't take too long to fix the problem. Hamlet is a very friendly and nice guy and didn't give any problems during the hectic process. I would highly suggest him for any emergency related plumbing problems...don't bother trying to fixing it yourself..i'm no plumber... that's why I called LA Affordable Plumbing.
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: Arthur B.

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